All the doors manufactured at EEA are tailor made to fit your house and to match with your taste. Customization is a standard process for EEA. At no stage of manufacturing, templates or any other pattern tools are used. Manufacturing is the harmonized consolidation of fine processing and sophisticated craftsmanship. All mechanical processes are carried out by state of the art Elumatec machinery and finalized in the hands of skilled professionals for a sleek finish.

EEA is a young, dynamic, open-minded, courageous, meticulous, well organized, and quality addicted company, specialized in manufacturing aluminum and uPVC entry doors. Team leader of EEA, Taner Akkaya, is an active player in fenestration business since 1995. After many years of excellent track record in several companies, including German Elumatec and Profine, he has established EEA, in 2010. One year after the establishment, the company started manufacturing flat panels for its own doors. In November 2011, due to capacity increase, the company has moved to a new plant, covering 5,000 m2, and added uPVC entry doors to its product range.