This cylinder and handle operated lock has four additional drawing points and thereby guarantees an increased weather performance and improved protection against opening of the door by force. Depending on the lock type, the closing takes place either via the cylinder, via the door handle or a combination of both. Euro Groove Lock is only available with PT 7105 S PVC-U door system.

This 3 points simple but effective lock system takes the place of door-chains: The door can be opened just enough to hold a conversation, but not enough for someone to come in. The entry guard`s concealed fitting also looks more stylish than old-fashioned door chains and does not damage the door surface. It releases immediately when the key is used to open the door from the outside or when unfastened using the entry guard knob.

To lock the door, solid steel hooks grip firmly into the frame keep rail. To ensure total protection, the bolts are securely locked into position behind the keep. The door frame and the door leaf are thus interlocked as tightly as possible, ensuring significantly increased resistance to burglary. The locking mechanism is smooth-running and easy to operate.

Euro Groove Lock System:

Entry Guard:

3-Points Lock System

5-Points Lock System

This system has an enhanced burglar protection and high gasket pressure for tightness. The main deadbolt accompanied with four hooks help to ward off intruders in this particular lock model. Solid hooks with claw action ensures smooth locking. Corrosion-resistant materials and flawless processing guarantee extraordinary strength and long-lasting durability.

3-Points Combi Lock

On 3-points Combi Lock, a combination of a bolt and strongest hook available on the market join forces impressively to achieve pure living comfort and highly effective energy efficiency. Constant high gasket compression provided by the 3-Points Combi Lock, prevents the door from warping subsequently as well as sustains high levels of burglar resistance.

17-Points Lock System

This extra secure and tight lock system is made up of 2 double hooks and 12 safe bolts offering unrivalled security with 17 locking elements: 2 solid double hooks with claw action, 2 x 6 vault bolts, as well as a latch and dead bolt. The two vault guide bolts, pointed and arrested in the end position, as well as the four vault bolts (also arrested in the end position) ensure smooth, secure function.